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The following resources are tools and websites that are useful for circuit board design. We are not affiliated with any of the websites listed below.

Aardvark - Great little I2C/SPI host adapter; Total Phase has several other protocol devices
Altium Designer - The primary electrical design software used by MSX Consulting
CircuitMaker - Free version of Altium CAD software that we use
Designspark Mechanical - Used to create 3D models or convert to/from various formats
Gerberlogix - Free viewer for Gerber files
Hyperlynx - Good for checking SI (signal integrity) issues
Logic - Great little logic analyzer with basic protocol decoding
ODB++ Viewer - Free viewer for ODB++ files
Othermill - Small milling machine for making PCBs and milling other materials
PCB Trace Width Calculator - For calculating trace widths and plane current capacity.
Saturn PCB Toolkit - A kitchen sink of board design tools!
Sketchup - A freeware drawing tool good for basic 3D modeling
TeraTerm - Serial terminal window, useful for connecting to UART based devices
Via Calculator - For calculating via size for current capacity.


  • An intensely thorough and fundamentally sound board designer.

    Senior Board Designer at Intel
  • We had a fairly ambitious project to be finished under a tight timeframe. Matt embraced the project - he understood our needs and was creative in scoping the project such that it met our needs and still meet the timeframe. Needless to say, we were floored when Matt finished the project early and on budget. Shashank, Co-founder of Tempo Automation

We use Altium as our primary design tool.

We use Altium Designer

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